Confocal Raman Microscope - MonoVista CRS+



MonoVista CRS+


MonoVista CRS+ IX71


Helium temperature Cryostat


Heating and cooling stage from - 196°C to 600°C


Nanonics AFM on BX51 Microscope


JPK AFM on IX71 Microscope

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Complex measurement system with simple handling

software controlled selfalignment, arrangement and selection of various measurement-setups

Excellent High-End spectroscopy performance

Imaging Correction, maximum spectral working range (200nm - 2000nm) and resolution in one

Low-Frequency Measurements with single spectromer

Now available with Ultra Narrow Notch filters for Raman-Measurements down to +/- 10 cm-1

High-Speed Raman Mapping

Fast Raman Mapping configuration to achieve Raman-Maps with 10.000 spectra in a few minutes

Maximum flexibility and optional enhancements

Huge selection of microscopes, lasers and accessories for various applications   



•    Deep UV to NIR wavelength range (200 to 2000 nm)

•    Up to 4 integrated laser systems and additional entrance port for external lasers

•    Dual laser beam path for UV and VIS/NIR

•    Fully automated software-control, including
    * measurement-Setup control
    * Selfalignment and Calibration Control

•    High spectral resolution, i.e. down to < 0.2 cm-1 FWHM at 633 nm

•    Low frequency range down to +/- 10 cm-1 with Ultra Narrow band notch filters

•    High frequency range up to 9.000 cm-1 (at 532nm), useful for photo luminescence

•    High spatial resolution of less than 1µm lateral and 2µm axial

•    adaptable for external measurements

•    Optional enhancements:
     * Macro Raman
     * Polarization Raman Measurements
     * Temperature depending Raman Measurements
     * Motorized Point-To-Point and Fast Raman Mapping
     * TERS and AFM-Raman Mapping
     * Laser Safety Class I




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